Joshua Tree Travel Guide

Joshua tree is unlike any other national park. Rocky flat plains, stretching for miles. Boulders lying all around, different shapes and sizes with climbers crawling on them like ants. It’s an adventure unlike any other. Located in Southern California, Joshua Tree is a short 4 hours from Los Angeles. If you want a place of solitude that you can explore, climb, and hike, this is it!

Joshua Tree Travel Guide


Get onto CA-60 E

Merge onto the I 10 E

Merge onto CA-62 via EXIT 117 toward Yucca Valley/29 Palms

Turn left onto Yucca Trl

Yucca Trl becomes Alta Loma Dr

Turn left onto Park Blvd


In order to enter Joshua Tree you must either pay the entrance fee or obtain an American National Park Pass. The one time fee is $25 per vehicle, so if you’re planning on visiting several national parks, I would highly recommend purchasing the annual pass.


Upon entering the park, you will begin to see so much wonder and beauty. There are 8 different camp grounds available, 4 reservation only & 4 first come- first serve.. Each camp site has a parking spot, tent space, camp fire ring, and picnic table. We camped in the hidden valley camp ground, which was absolutely perfect. Though it’s not a forest territory, the rocks conveniently lie in-between many of the sites creating some privacy to the sites.


Exploring Joshua Tree is an incredible place to explore.  There are some larger mountains to hike and all different types of rocks. The unique texture of these rocks is rough and grippy, create climbing easy. If you want to climb around on rocks that aren’t tall, I would recommend staying northeast of Hidden Valley campground. However, if you’re seeking taller, more challenging ventures, head over to Jumbo Rocks. Here will you find larger mountains of rocks piled on top of one another.

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