Heceta Head Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse is the most popular light house in the United States. It lies on the coast, between Coos Bay and Newport, Oregon. This light house has a depth of history behind it and is a stopping place for many travelers!

If you’re exploring the Oregon Coast, I would highly recommend making a pit stop here! It’s absolutely beautiful and so serene. Keep reading to learn more about Heceta Head Light house & where to go!


The Heceta Head lighthouse is named after Don Bruno de Heceta, a traveler who was exploring up the pacific coast. However, Heceta and his crew stopped at this area due to a sickness.

Years later sailers were in need of a light house in this area and “Heceta Head proved an ideal location, but the construction project in this isolated place was no small feat.” This was due to the grand cliffs that dive straight into the ocean.

Back then, it was not easy to maneuver this kind of territory. They did, however, manage to put up a light house and unbeknownst to them, it became known across the globe!

Now, this lighthouse is the most photographed in the United States, as well as a popular stopping place for many explorers.

Click Here if you want to read more about the history of the lighthouse.

Getting There

Closest cities in Oregon near Heceta Head Lighthouse

Newport: 38 miles

Coos Bay: 60 miles

Eugene: 73 miles

Albany: 97 miles

Heceta Head Lighthouse is a very central location in Oregon. Located smack dab in the middle of Oregon State. Getting to the lighthouse is simple with good cell phone service along the coast! If you’re coming from the north, continue down Highway 101 and turn right onto Summer Rd. Both from the north & south there are many posted signs leading to the road, directing you to the light house.

Exploring the Lighthouse

The area itself is absolutely gorgeous! Trees lie on the cliffs that dive into the Pacific ocean. The contrast of colors is beautiful, creating a picture perfect scene.

There are two ways to see Heceta Head Lighthouse, close up at the Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint, and south down the road on Highway 101 at a pull out area.

The scenic view point lies at the base of the light house. This is a great place to stop, hike up and take pictures. There is a $5 parking fee that you can only pay with credit or debit card, so be sure to be prepared!

They also accept an Oregon State Park pass, which can be convenient if you’re traveling down the coasts. Be sure to explore the little cove that lies at the base. It is a wonderful cove where Cape Creek meets the ocean.

From the parking lot you will see the trail up to Heceta Head. This is a short, easy .5 mile walk to the top. About half way up the trail is the Keeper’s House that can be toured in the summer months. These tours run from 11am – 5 pm. Next to it is a small, quaint gift shop full of light house paraphernalia.

Though you can’t currently explore the inside of the lighthouse, the hike up is certainly worth it! If you continue up the trail above the light house you will see a beautiful view of the light house with the ocean behind it. (see picture above)

There is also a little shack that has unique antiques that have a history and meaning to Heceta Head. There is also a guest book that you can sign and see all the different people who have visited the lighthouse.

Just south of the view point is a pull out area, a perfect place to stop and get a better view of Heceta Head. This is also where many popular pictures of the light house have been taken!

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